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August  E-Newsletter 14th August 2017

Hi Brogan, 

Last week, 28 - 29 June 2017, transport planning in the UK had its big annual bash, the Transport Practitioners Meeting, where for the second year running it found itself in the underrated Midlands city of Nottingham. The great and the good of transport planning where there (although notably only one person I saw from the Department for Transport), as well as a great mix of graduates, researchers, old hands, and young upstarts.

Personally, it was a fantastic, and tiring, event.
Read more here.

by James Gleave, Founder of Transport Futures


London Cycle Scheme Expands

The Capital’s Cycle Scheme is due to expand to Brixton, providing seven new docking stations and 200 bikes. Learn more here...

Welsh Local Authorities Start Consulting on Future Cycling Routes
Make sure you have your say here...

CILT releases response to the Government’s Air Quality Plan
Banning new petrol and diesel cars a ’smokescreen’ for lacklustre Air Quality Plan. Read more here...



#2017TPM was an unequivocal success thanks to all our speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and delegates. We couldn't have had such an incredible event without your excitement and participation. We’ll see you next year in Oxford for #2018TPM!



A hearty congratulations goes out to all 2017 Awards winners:

PTRC Lifetime Achievement Award - Luis (Pilo) Willumsen
Best Paper Demonstrating Sustainable Transport Solutions - Rachel Tate and Adam Sendall
Transport Planner of the Year - Nicola Kane
Best Paper at the Conference by a Young Professional - Edward Dawes
Voorhes-Large Prize - Colin Harwood
Urban Transport Design Award - Waltham Forest

Find out more information on the website. Click here...



TPS shares their thoughts on #2017TPM and Derby City receive ‘Best Sustainable Transport Paper’


Construction Management Plans
The Construction Management Plan (CMP) tool has been established as a key tool for managing traffic impact of new development while it is in the build phases. However, with increasing pressure to manage out unnecessary traffic from urban centres and sensitive rural locations, combined with the advocacy of Clear Zones and other environmental restrictions, the creation of SMART CMPs is even more important. This course looks at the role of construction management and logistics plans to creatively manage down delivery and other freight traffic without compromising the build process and ensuring that the solutions are affordable and efficient and will examine some of the best practice already established in this field, and provide a clear structure and process for helping effective CMPs to be assembled, delivered and monitored. 5 September, Birmingham

Technical Report Writing 
Many professionals lack confidence in their report-writing skills, and feel that their credibility suffers because their written reports are not a fair reflection of their expertise. Anyone involved in technical work will quickly discover the challenges presented when trying to communicate their ideas, information, proposals or recommendations to colleagues and clients. All too often, the impact of many hours of work can hinge on the ability to explain the results effectively to others. 6 September, London

Cycling for Transport
In recent years, cycling has experience an unprecedented renaissance in the UK. With support from high profile politicians, such as the London Mayor, increased funding allocations and growing recognition of the societal value of take-up, cycling can be expected to maintain its place in the public spotlight. However, it isn't all good news - cycling participation in the UK remains low compared to other European countries, and fears over road safety and a sometimes poor image contribute to significant gender, race and socio-economic variations in participation levels. 6/7 September, London

Mobile Data and Transport Planning 
Mobile Network Data can provide a valuable data source to transportation projects and provide a wealth of information insights relating to user trips and user behaviour. It has benefits over existing data collection sources due to its sample size, geographic extent and the ability to request data over a defined time period over the last two years. Mobile Network Data has been successfully applied to transport projects, often for input into Origin-Destination matrices, providing a detailed breakdown of origin-destination trips, trip purpose, trip frequency, route and mode. This course provides an introduction to the mobile technology and how data is processed in order to provide insight to the transportation industry. Alongside this, the course will provide a summary of uses cases and summarise the benefits and limitations of this data source 12 September, London


Always give your seat up to a monk...
And other unwritten rules of public transport throughout the world. Read about it here…

A fact about every tube station
Did you know Arnos Grove Station is Grade II Listed? Or that Upminster is where the speed of sound was first measured? Read more here...

All Volvo cars to run with electric engines from 2019
Volvo on Wednesday called time on the internal combustion engine in a bid to get ahead in the race to sell electric cars to the mass market. Read about it here…


The Principles of Traffic and Transport 20 Week Evening Lecture Series

Whether you are new to the world of transport, are just looking to refresh your knowledge on transport principles, or are working in a 'niche area' and wish to broaden your knowledge, PTRC's 20 week evening lecture series offers a cost-effective and time-inexpensive training course that will benefit both the participating employee and their employer. Join us this autumn in the following cities.

20 September 2017, Glasgow | Lecture Series Glasgow
21 September 2017, Birmingham | Lecture Series Birmingham
27 September 2017, Bristol | Lecture Series Bristol
19 September 2017, Manchester | Lecture Series Manchester
27 September 2017, Toronto | Lecture Series Toronto
5 October 2017, London | Lecture Series London
30-31 August 2017, Glasgow | Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers
6 September 2017, London | Technical Writing
5 September 2017, Birmingham | Construction Management Plans
5-6 September 2017, Birmingham | Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers
6-7 September 2017, London | Cycling for Transport
6-7 September 2017, London | Advanced Road Safety
7 September 2017, Birmingham | On Street Parking Scheme Design
12 September 2017, London | Mobile Data and Transport Planning
12-13 September 2017, London | Highway Design and Construction
14 September 2017, London | Statistical Techniques for Transport Planners
19 September 2017, London | Traffic and Transport Survey Techniques
13-14 September 2017, London | Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers
20 September 2017, Glasgow | Lecture Series Glasgow
21 September 2017, Birmingham | Lecture Series Birmingham
27 September 2017, Bristol | Lecture Series Bristol
19 September 2017, Manchester | Lecture Series Manchester
27 September 2017, Toronto | Lecture Series Toronto
5 October 2017, London | Lecture Series London
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